Since 1994, we supply high quality products with over 20 years of experience.

Using the latest technology and continuously investing in quality, research and product development we are up to date in changing global needs and demands.

We show close attention to take part as a company which provides direction to the textile sector and takes social responsibility.

According to all we actively take part by being member of ISO (Chamber of Industry), ITO (Chamber of Trade), ITKIB (Member of Exporters Ass.) and TIGSAD (Turkish Underw. Man. Ass.).



Which is the destination, the aim to reach; is to be a globally well known, preferred and trustworthy supplier for ready wear products.



Which defines the reason for the existence of the company; is to produce and supply world class products, to add value and provide best service and support to the customers and offer true value.



Which represents the set of beliefs and the character of the company; are to be customer and quality focused, honest and reliable, responsible and respectful, innovative and creative, dynamic and flexible, cooperative and with ‘’can-do’’ spirit.